Parachute Jump

The skydiving it is one of those extreme experiences, which you need to try once 
in your life.A free fall with a speed of 200 km/h it can't be otherwise.
If you want to run away from the boring daily routine and get your dose of adrenalin.

Club Adrenalin offers tandem skydiving from a 3200 metres height.The jumps are 
with an instructor and you have the chance to have a video shot of the experience with 
Full HD camera, which is paid extra.

On our page with Gift cards, you can get one for yourself too. Choose the best present
for yourself or a friend.

The jumps are all year around, depending on the meteorological

Maximum weight - 100kg - minimum 45kg

Location: Erden, Montana county

Price list:

-Tandem jump (with instructor), from 3000-3500 metres - 350leva

-Full HD video - 120leva

Reservation required

***You can buy voucher as a present which has 1 year validity or you can pay for it when you arrive***

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