Hot-Air Balloon Flight

The flight with balloon is possible, thanks to Montgolfier brothers, who were so passionate 
about the dinamic aeronautics, that they started experimenting with balloons, in the early
summer of 1783.

Their first flight with pilot and passagers was above Paris, that's why this
experience brings this sentimental feeling.

The flight with a balloon can be an original romantic present or a gesture, that will make 
someone happy. Which women on Earth, doesn't dream to get proposal 
on a hot air balloon.This is your chance to be orginal and win her heart.

Even if you don't have romantic intensions, the opportunity to see Bulgaria 
from bird's eye view is incredible.The memory from the experience remains for lifetime. 

Club Adrenalin offers you 30 to 60 minutes flights. You can choose either group or individual (romantic) flights with balloon.

We do hot air balloon flights all year around, depending on the meteorological

We offer gift cards with 1 year validity:

-Flight for two: 30-40 minutes

-Flight for two: up to 1 hour

-Bungee jump from balloon

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