Bungee Jumping from Hot-Air Balloon

The bungee jump from the air balloon it is experience fulfilled with strong emotions.

Even if you think that you know what is yet to come, you have no idea what kind of emotions 
you will experience from this extreme adventure.

The excitement starts from the moment when you see a person of our crew coming towards you
with the equipments. He will equip you, and will lead you to the balloon basket where  
the pilot expects you. And the takeoff starts.

You will notice the blue sky in the early morning, the immobility of the balloon and the view
from it.
The pilot, who is also bungee jump instructor will give you safety instructions.When he gives
signal you have to sit on the edge of the balloon basket and you already feel that you are shaking.
When he gives you a sign, you have to jump.

The feeling is indescribable, the free fall is between 15 to 35 metres, combined with the stretch
of the elastic cord it goes up to 40 to 130 metres.

During the amplitudes, you feel an explosion of emotions, when they stop, you realise that 
you are hanging down from a balloon, moving in the air, going down slowly.
In front and beneath the view is gorgeous, the feeling is close to weightlessness, you can
see beyond the horizon.

So...?Are you ready to try the bungee jump from balloon?

We offer HD video with Go-pro camera, which can be placed on your arm, chest or leg.

The bungee jump from balloon is possible on a free space of at least 50 m2, where the balloon can reach a height of 50 metres and if we gather at least ten people willing to jump.
It is immportant to remember, that the bungee jumping from hot-air balloon depends on the meteorological conditions.

People under 18 years of age, need to be accompanied by a parent.

Please check the planned dates in our Calendar.

***You can buy voucher as a present which has 1 year validity or you can pay for it when you arrive***

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