Bungee Jumping

To do bungee jump you won't need to have any experience. Dress comfortable, choose the destination,  arrive at the spot, complete the mandatory declaration.

And your turn comes. The hardest thing is to stand on the edge. Your instincts will start working on 
the maximum. Don't look down and think about the fear...just ignore it.You have the support of your 
friends and our team, who are in charge of your safety.You don't need to think about anything else
appart from what is yet to come after you count 3,2,1 and fly off. For a second your
breath will stop,you will feel the air jet, the speed-up, the adrenalin...You can't believe, that you fought your fear.You stretch the elastic cord to the maximum, after that it pulls you 
up, then you go down again and this repeats a couple of more times. You have a few
minutes to be with yourself and enjoy the adventure, before we throw the safety rope that you
need to attach to yourself in order to pull you up.

The safety of the bungee jump is guaranteed with the specially created by Club Adrenalin elastic cord  by, which assures the float stretch with the jump.

Here is the moment to mention that Club Adrenalin is the founder of the bungee jumps in Bulgaria 
and we have been doing the emblematic bungee jumps from Asparuhov bridge for 25 years.

Other places for bumgee jumping in Bulgaria are: Asparuhov bridge, Prohodna cave and Klisura. 

In our drop menu "Bungee jumps" you will find information on the different locations.

Please check available dates in our calendar.

***You can buy voucher as a present which has 1 year validity or you can pay for it when you arrive at the spot***

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