Marketing Communications Challenge 2019

The Marketing Communications Challenge 2019 is a student competition run for the third consecutive year, Clun Adrenaline is awarding some of the winners with a Bungee jump from Asparuh Bridge in this year. The Marketing Challenge took place on November 22-23, following the successful second edition of 2018, which was attended by 150 participants and reached over 6,000 people on social media. Last year, competitors were challenged to submit an innovative proposal to improve the marketing strategy of two leading companies within 48 hours.

The Challenge is organized by the Business Club of American University in Bulgaria, which is a student-run organization. In essence, the club lays the foundations for the transition to the real world of business, seeking to provide a deeper understanding of diverse topics in the finance, accounting, economics, marketing and human resources sectors.

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Event - flights with hot air balloon

Hello,  On the 16th of February an event with hot air balloon flights was held near the town of Pliska. All participants shared the emotion of flying in the sky like ...

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Valentine's Day on Asparuhov Bridge

Celebrate the holiday of love with extreme emotion. Surprise your other half with a breathtaking experience. We expect you on Asparuhov Bridge on 14.02 Friday between 12.00 and...

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Bungee Jumping - Asparuhov Bridge

On the first Sunday of February we organize bungee jumps from Asparuhov Bridge, Varna. The hours you can take part in the event are between 12 and 14h. And in tune with th...

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