Panoramic hot air ballon ascents - Plovdiv May 21st

The event of hot air balloon ascents, planned for 21.05 (Sunday) in Plovdiv, is postponed due to unsuitable weather conditions. Vouchers will be valid for the first possible date, if it is after 30.05.17.

The hot air balloon ascents will take place in Plovdiv. We will be positioned right in front of the Lexi shop on 17 Maritsa Blvd., on the large meadow by the river. Start 6:30 am to 9am If you purchased a voucher, you need to have it printed out. Please keep an eye out for more information if there is a change. Reservations and questions only by posting here on our webpage, on the facebook page or at The ascents are entirely dependent on weather conditions. Adrenalin Club reserves the right to change pre-planned dates by notifying it on its Web and Facebook pages.

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